We believe in taking care of you, but we also believe that you play the biggest role in how much you achieve throughout training. In today’s busy world, it’s important that all our clients put themselves first for just a few hours a week. At TCOY, we understand that between family, work, travel and other obligations, there’s not much leftover.

Our job is to keep you motivated and focused on the goal – personal fitness and well being. All of our clients are different. They are short and tall, husky and thin, male and female. Some people are training for triathlons and some are working on getting back into shape post-baby.

We treat all our clients with the care they deserve by creating individualized training programs, pairing them with the right fitness expert and providing the right tools to achieve the lifestyle change you’re looking for.

Why should you choose TCOY personal training?

+ I want to learn about exercise and want to find the right training program for me.

+ I need extra attention and motivation to stay committed to a fitness program.

+ I feel too out of shape to start alone.

+ I have young kids I can’t leave alone or can’t always find a babysitter.

+ I’ve had bad experiences with the gym/trainers in the past.

+ I’ve tried various diets/workout plans and nothing has worked.